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Article by Joe Hampson

If you want to showcase your music skills, view well-honed songwriters and performers, or have a gathering with friends, I strongly feel The Habit Café-Bar is a perfect place to go. This pint-sized bar is especially known for its open mic nights, held every Wednesday from 9PM-12AM. Nothing makes you feel more at home than its welcoming atmosphere and the cottage-esque surroundings that create a sense of warmth and comfort, whilst still having a buzz from circles of people spending quality time and watching unique free entertainment. However, even though the bar has a large array of beverages, it is incredibly high priced. Also due to its popularity, the pocket-sized venue can become exceedingly cramped and incommodious, although there is space upstairs for a few more people it can still become cluttered and overall inconvenient.

Overall The Habit Café-Bar is a perfect venue in my opinion for small get together to have the opportunity to view brilliant amateur songwriters and performers, however you can run the risk of becoming overwhelmed with the popularity of this open mic night.