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Article by Marcus Senior


York’s largest nightclub is Kuda which has two separate rooms, the main Kuda upstairs room and the Tiki Bar which is downstairs. Each room accommodating a different musical taste, with the main room accommodating Club House, Dance Anthems, Bass, DnB and Tech to the Tiki Bar accommodating R’n’B and Hip-Hop. You can book VIP booths, including exclusive service, for birthday parties, hen and stag dos. The most popular club in York with the students on a Monday for Kuda Mondays.

Opening Times:

Monday:          23:00 – 03:30

Tuesday:          23:00 – 03:30

Wednesday:    23:00 – 03:30

Thursday:        CLOSED

Friday:             23:00 – 03:30

Saturday:         21:00 – 03:30

Sunday:            CLOSED

Salvation & Society

Society (1 room) and Salvation (2 rooms) offer a similar night to Kuda on their main dance floors. However, Salvation hosts a classic indie rock style of music in its upstairs room. They are known for their cheap drinks and bucket deals which makes the clubs popular with the students, especially with Salvation hosting KOH student night on a Friday.

SALVATION UPDATE: Salvation may be closing in years to come, as it has been discovered the owner has applied for planning permission to convert the nightclub into a restaurant and flats. However, some Councillors have raised concerns about the loss of major city centre music venue.

Salvation Opening Times:

Monday:          CLOSED

Tuesday:          CLOSED

Wednesday:    22:30-04:00

Thursday:        CLOSED

Friday:             22:30-04:00

Saturday:         22:30-04:00

Sunday:            CLOSED

Society Opening Times:

Monday:          CLOSED

Tuesday:          CLOSED

Wednesday:    21:00-02:00

Thursday:        CLOSED

Friday:             21:00-03:00

Saturday:         21:00-03:00

Sunday:            CLOSED


Fibbers operates as a multi-function venue. On a Friday and Saturday night they usually have live bands from 8pm, however at 11pm it transforms into a nightclub. Fridays and Saturdays at Fibbers are usually just a regular club night, although sometimes they host more in demand DJs for one off events. During the week, this venue hosts multiple student nights including an Indie Party (Tuesday), FRAT Party (Wednesday) and regular club nights of House/Tech/Bass/Dance Anthems.

UPDATE: Fibbers may be set to close as the venue’s premises has been sold to a new developer and could become a hotel. They have a rolling lease until at least January 2020 however some suspect it will extend past then.

Opening Times:

Monday:          CLOSED

Tuesday:          CLOSED

Wednesday:    23:00-03:30

Thursday:        23:00-03:30

Friday:             23:00-03:30

Saturday:         23:00-03:30

Sunday:            CLOSED


Mansion is the home of more ‘serious’ dance music which offers individual nights for Tech, Bass and DnB genres. They don’t seem to have a regular set of events, you have to keep your eyes peeled for information. Like Kuda and Fibbers, on weeknights during term time Mansion hosts student events, for example, on a Thursday night they host a Drum & Bass only night, which consist of the latest DnB and Jungle music.

UPDATE: Like Fibbers, Mansion is also set to close. The date that has been given for this is 1st January 2020 as the landlord has decided against renewing the clubs tenancy. As far as we are aware, Mansion is looking to relocate within the York area.

Opening Times:

Monday:          CLOSED

Tuesday:          21:00-04:00

Wednesday:    21:00-04:00

Thursday:        21:00-04:00

Friday:             21:00-04:00

Saturday:         21:00-04:00

Sunday:            CLOSED

The Crescent Community Venue

Although not a nightclub in the traditional sense, The Crescent Community Venue, which was originally a working men’s club, hosts regular music events like live bands and performers. There are two bar areas so on some nights there will be two events running simultaneously. On a Wednesday night 7pm-12am they host an Open Deck night for local DJs who want to show off their talents and music interests.

Opening Times:

Monday:          16:00-00:00

Tuesday:          16:00-00:00

Wednesday:    16:00-00:00

Thursday:        16:00-00:00

Friday:             16:00-01:00

Saturday:         16:00-01:00

Sunday:            16:00-00:00

Yates & Revolution

Yates is a bar which severs pub food by day, but is a crazy club by night. On a Friday and Saturday it offers a regular club night, however on a Wednesday night it hosts “£1 a Pint” which does what it says on the tin and is very popular with the students as it’s a cheap night out. Revolution is a similar vibe to Yates. It’s a bar which offers food and drink by day and a great club experience by night. Similar to Kuda, they both host pre-booked VIP areas for birthdays, stag and hen parties.

Yates Opening Times:

Monday:          09:00-00:00

Tuesday:          09:00-00:00

Wednesday:    09:00-02:00

Thursday:        09:00-01:00

Friday:             09:00-02:00

Saturday:         09:00-02:00

Sunday:            10:00-00:00

Revolution Opening Times:

Monday:          11:00-01:00

Tuesday:          11:00-01:00

Wednesday:    11:00-01:00

Thursday:        11:00-01:00

Friday:             11:00-02:00

Saturday:         11:00-03:00

Sunday:            11:00-01:00