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Article by Lorcan Weldon

Within the city of York, the music scene is very lively due to the night life whether it be the clubbing atmospheres, open mic nights or even the live band performances. All in all, it can be said that there are a lot of musicians in York. With this being said nobody really asks: where are the best places to buy musical equipment within York? On the outskirts there are the obvious choices such as Gear4Music.


Gear4Music is one of the largest musical stores within the area of York, the warehouse is based on the outskirts of York making it less convenient to get to. Even though the store is less accessible in person, it has a website making it easily available to everyone. Within the actual city centre of York, it is still populated with a few different music stores the main being Banks Musicroom, MOR Music and RWB Music.

On the map as shown above you can see that each music store is not too far away from each other, making all of them easily accessible location wise.

Banks Musicroom

Banks Musicroom is the biggest store out of the three, consisting of three floors. The first floor has of the wide range of guitars which are available to purchase. The second and third floors consist mainly of different Pianos, Keyboards, Trumpets and Tuition books. When looking into the reviews of the store they were mostly positive describing Bank’s as a “nice music store with great selection” and “the best music store in York”.

MOR Music

MOR Music is more of a specialist music store as it does not cover all instruments like Banks does. It specialises in Acoustic/Electric guitars as well as amplifiers and pedal repairs. Like Banks, MOR’s is located within the city centre making it easily accessible to customers. When reading reviews of the store, it is said to be “A proper guitar store run by real people”.

RWB Music

RWB Music is another store that specialises in guitars, however what makes it different to MOR’s is there website seems to show what’s selling best in the store and seems to have more of a selection of guitars. When looking at reviews all them were positive with customers saying that it is “A fantastic store in the heart of York” and excellent customer service from a lovely guy”.