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Music Production Studios

Each space is crafted to inspire and support your music production journey. With cutting-edge equipment and acoustically optimised environments, our music production studios offer the ideal setting to hone your musical talents and bring your artistic aspirations to life.

Cutting-Edge Facilities

Top-tier tech for professional-grade music production.

Acoustically Treated

Pristine sound quality in acoustically optimised environments.

Versatile Workstations

Diverse software and hardware options for diverse production techniques.

Studio A: The ‘Bunker’

The Bunker Studio is our largest and most versatile space within York St John University. Comprising a spacious Live Room, a Vocal Booth, and a cutting-edge Control Room, The Bunker is the ultimate hub for all aspects of recording and production.

Studio B: The Mix Room

The Mix Room is a dedicated space for honing your mixing production skills. This fully equipped studio is tailored to support your learning journey. With access to industry-standard hardware and software, students have the opportunity to experiment with different mixing techniques, refine their craft, and bring their production projects to life.

Studio C: The Mastering Suite

This specialised studio offers students the tools and expertise to master their tracks to industry standards. Equipped with professional-grade hardware and software, the Mastering Suite enables students to fine-tune dynamics, balance frequencies, and enhance overall clarity with precision.