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We want to give you all the information you need to help you decide if Music Production at York St John University is a good fit for you. This page has been put together as a ‘Virtual Open Day’ to help you with your decision as best we can.

There is a lot of key information about the degrees on the University webpages, but SoundOutput gives you more of a flavour of the experience students have on the course. What we teach, how we teach it, what you can expect to get up to, and what life is like on the course.

You’ll see short videos from the teaching team and some of our professional guests about life on the course, as well as conversations from our current  students who have recorded some of their impressions of their experiences so far. On the rest of this website you can explore some of the work our students have produced.

If you have any questions about the course you can email [email protected] 

We’d love to meet you in person as well. If you’d like to talk about your interest in Music Production and how our courses can help you achieve your goals, please contact Chris ([email protected]). We can arrange a phone call, Zoom chat, or if you able to get to York, we can organise a personalised tour of the studios.


We offer 3 courses around Music Production so that you can select the one that best suits your interests:

  • BA (Hons) Music Production: Our flagship creative course. You’ll learn the technology, the techniques and the professionalism to create great music. And you’ll learn the business skills to be able to monetise your musical and production skills in the ever-changing music and media industries.
  • BSc (Hons) Music Technology: This course is focussed on music and audio technologies. Take a closer look at the contemporary tools you can use to create, capture, synthesise, sample and manipulate sound (launching in September 2023).
  • BA (Hons) Music Production and Music Business: You will learn music production in conjunction with enterprise skills. This course will develop you as an entrepreneur so that you can set up a creative business in the music industry.

Click the image links below to go to the York St John University website for  detailed information on each course. Note: there is no link yet for BSc (Hons) Music Technology as we are currently developing the course. More details soon!


We know that the best way to develop as a music producer is by producing a lot of music. Our courses put practical work at the heart of the learning experience. You will be immersed in a world of production projects, many of them with external artists and professional clients.


The staff team and visiting clients and artists are all well connected in the music and creative industries. Your lecturers are also professionals in the commercial world of music production, and this give us vital on-the-ground knowledge, connections and opportunities that we share with you in our teaching.


A degree course involves developing your mind and your critical thinking. A Music Production degree also means training your ears.


The teaching team are all currently active in the professional world of production in their own fields. They bring their cutting edge knowledge, seasoned expertise, and network of contacts into the course experience.


The vast majority of professional music producers work as freelancers rather than for a studio or production house, taking their work on a project by project basis and building up a portfolio career. You will get a realistic ‘work experience’ of this kind of self-employment. You also gain a wealth of transferable skills that are very attractive to employers in many areas of the creative industries, widening your career options.


We’d love to show you around our facilities in person but obviously in lockdown, we can’t right now. The 2 videos below give a flying tour of the Bunker, our main studio space, but there is so much more to our facilities. If you’re really into the tech, you can download a technical resources document.


Check out what some of our current students have to say about the course.

Normally on an Open Day you’d get to meet some of our students and chat to them about the course. As we can’t do that, what with one thing and another, one of our 1st years, Nina, used some time in lockdown to Skype with other students and chat about the course. These are unedited videos of their conversations as they reflect on their experiences so far.


The long standing members of our community are the ones who have decades of professional music industry experience. They are all active music producers and are in charge of running our degrees. Please feel free to email any of them if you have any questions.

Ben Burrows

The Film Music Composer

Course leader | Producer of film soundtracks | Songwriter | Audio Engineer | Curriculum designer

Russ Hepworth

The Mastering Engineer

Audio mastering | Mixing | Forensic listening | Author for audio magazines | Bass player | Editor for Routledge | Entrepreneur

Chris Johnson

The Touring Muso

Band leader | Music producer | Songwriter | Multi Instrumentalist | Labels and publishing | Audio and mix engineer | Sound designer

Dr Mark Marrington

The Doctor

Academic author | Musicology of production | Research Lead | Classical guitar specialist | Made in MIDI creator | Digital Controllers

Dr Robert Wilsmore

The Head

Songwriter | Producer | Multi-instrumentalist | Composer | Musicologist | Boss

Dave Young

The Technical Innovator

Interactive installation designer | DAW specialist | Synthesiser Electronics professional | Composer | Theremin specialist | Entrepreneur

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