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Next week our second year music producers are meeting Ben McAvoy from WMP Studios. He will be briefing them to produce pre-titles music for a TV programme commission. Pre-titles are that part of a documentary programme right at the beginning where the voice over basically summarises what will happen in the rest of the programme. The pre-titles need to launch straight into the theme music and title sequence.

It’s a new kind of project for us. We’ve done a lot of TV commercials, film music, radio branding and podcast music, but this will be our first pre-titles. The challenge will be creating music with the right amount of energy and build without intruding on the voice over. Also, the music will need to dovetail seamlessly into the title theme.

It’s always a joy to work with Ben McAvoy and the students will undoubtedly get a lot from working on a TV production music project. It’s quite different from the usual music they produce and will broaden their understanding of their career options.

Can’t wait to hear what they come up with.