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Music Production students have been producing material in collaboration with local emerging artist Anna Bird.

Anna is a fantastic singer songwriter and had a crop of songs written on acoustic guitar that she wanted to develop into full productions.

Five second year music producers collaborated with her on a song each. Over the course of a few weeks they developed several demos to explore different approaches to the songs that would be authentic for Anna’s artistic persona and that would highlight the messages in her writing. Anna worked closely with each student to explore the different creative approaches.

When everyone was happy with the demos they were brought to full production in the studio, with students trialing vocal production techniques to help Anna get a great performance.

Gabi, who was one of the student producers on the project, said:

“This project helped me strengthen my confidence and understanding of how producer and client relationships work. It was a great way to put into practice all we have learned this far in the course plus getting to work with a real artist with a real brief. It helped me find myself as a producer, it helped me figure out that I work best creating music with other people. I had the best time doing this! “

Check out Anna’s song¬†Honeypot below, produced by 2nd year music production student, M.