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Music production students have just returned from a fabulous networking event in Selby. “Get Ahead in Music” is a day of discussion and information on various aspects of the music industry focussed on people at the start of their careers. It is organised by Launchpad who support the music sector in Yorkshire.

We had some very interesting discussions with key industry professionals from North Yorkshire, including labels, artists, venues, publishers, the BBC, and Si Rix from the Kaiser Chiefs.

3rd year student Dion said:

“It’s very important to attend the Get Ahead in Music event just for the connections alone. You get context within the industry from different people’s experience and everyone is there to share their experiences and help one another progress their careers.”

The day included discussion panels on topics covering opportunities to work in different parts of the music industry throughout Yorkshire, from people across the region who are building their music careers across Yorkshire.

Jake added: “The event was advantageous to everyone who attended as it gave us connections to industry professionals, some of which took our details for potential work which is close to home.”

We came away with some valuable contacts, and a deeper understanding of the opportunities that exist for new artists in Yorkshire, who they’re working with and what support they are getting to succeed.

Music production students networking at the Launchpad event

Students networking with North Yorkshire music industry professionals at the Get Ahead in Music event.