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by Cameron Smith @BampTech

So what do the technicians do when the studios shut? Well, luckily for us, there’s still plenty of work to be done behind the scenes.

One of the technician’s role at YSJ Music Production is to support the students and staff as best as we can with resolving all technical issues. As with all YSJ staff, we’re quickly adapting to working from home. We might not be in our offices anymore, but we’re still available via the magic of the interwebs! Music Production students can email the technical support team at anytime and we are happy to arrange Skype calls for screensharing software support. Now that many Digital Audio Workstation companies have offered temporary licenses, students can crack on with finishing off their projects. We can also offer guidance if students working from home take the lockdown as an opportunity to setting up their home recording facilities (this is what I’ve been doing in my spare time!).

So what else have we been up to during Lockdown? We’re currently upgrading the technical support hub, which is an online resource that the Music Production students can access during their studies. We’re in the process of building what’s like a digital version of each studio space where you can find guides, support documents and manuals for all the installed equipment.

We’ve also been busy working on creating comprehensive guides of YSJ Music Production’s microphone and software collection which will include full supporting information for how to use them effectively in each studio space.

Our plan for the upcoming month is to also create a selection of video guides, such as tutorials on how to use the studio’s Native Instruments hardware and software to set up your own personalised templates for use in our studio spaces. We’re also going to create tutorials on how to use our brand new iPads as wireless DAW Controllers, and how to create your own layouts with the clever IOS software Touch OSC. The campus may be closed but rest assured YSJ Music Production is still as busy as ever, and one thing for certain is that all students and staff have been incredibly proactive with adapting their workflow to work effectively in the current situation. We are looking forward to hearing the students work! Stay Safe and busy!