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The supergroup of Magic Numbers……. including Ren Harvieu and Kathryn Williams, Bernard Butler and Charlie Butler.

Ren Harvieu’s ‘I Am The North’ peformance was further enhanced by the enormous skills of the supergroup around her, including Bernard and Charlie Butler alongside the Magic Numbers.

The recording was done with the professionalism and quality you would expect, however the performers also proved their prowess on their respected instruments.

The changeover to Kathryn Williams was swift and the engineers and producers did an excellent job of creating a chilled out, relaxed environment that promotes a great performance.

‘We are the lucky ones’ the first take comprised a phenomenal performance with beautiful vocal harmonies between Kathryn and Michelle from the Magic numbers right off the bat.

Listening to the discussions of the band members through talkback in between takes was very interesting, it was interesting to see what parallels can be drawn in working in the bunker vs working in Abbey Road. Communication between engineer and musician is exactly the same in terms of the problems faced. The microphones used are of a similar price point to the ones found in most project and/or home studios, proving that source sound and performance are far more important than mic choice.

Watching the engineers and assistant engineers work was really useful for helping us conduct our own studio sessions.

The third act of the day started late, interviewing the previous acts took longer than was expected. So, after a nice lunch we cracked on and set everything up for Makola. Rapper Kwame delivered their famous single ‘This Is London’ live in the studio with a live horn section. The vibe and performance was a fantastic experience to have been in Abbey Road to see. We predict Makola will be a really big deal really soon.