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‘Go Back’, The final track from Emily Kings album, ‘Scenery’, creates a sense of uncertainty, not only through her hesitant vocals and the way she exudes vacillation, but through the lyrics. This is showcased when she opens the song with “Maybe I’ll win, maybe I’ll never play, maybe I’ll lose, maybe I’ll leave the game”. The way King hesitates and painfully yet softly breathes “I’ll never go back” releases this sensation of wanting to move onward, however being reluctant to do so because she’s afraid of what she’s leaving behind. You can hear the wanting in her voice, as if she’s praying for what she says to become real. It also creates a perception of finally coming to terms with moving on “[licking your] wounds, [having] nothing to lose” and biting the bullet.

The instrumentation has elements of ethereality, which gives the song a feeling of hesitancy with an “up in the air” feeling. However, the bass and drums give it a more grounded tone and create the sense of walking onward and going on a journey. During the bridge there is a large crescendo, sending a feeling of aspiration and desire, until it suddenly silences and becomes this peaceful ethereal synth and violin, as if she has come back to reality and must come to terms with moving forward.