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“Magic Thursday” began with Jamie Doe (The Magic Lantern) and a touching performance of Different Paths. The Magic Numbers were in next and recorded 2 tracks – one delicate and fragile, one blistering rock reminiscent of how Crazy Horse used to make records! The Blow Monkeys closed the session and tracked live with a string quartet. In one take!

It’s too close now to properly sum up the project, and we will heading into post production in the next week or so, but I can already tell that that we have made a very special record indeed. Giving these amazing artists the opportunity to show what they can do in the most famous studio in the world whilst raising awareness of a charity that helps so many musicians in crisis is a great thing in itself, but somehow the resulting record is far better than we could have imagined. Can’t wait ’till you get to hear it!

Big thanks to all the artists, Chris at Karousel Music, Paul Pritchard with George and Jack at Abbey Road, and all the students who have helped the project run smoothly.